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Sabrina Chap [Lecturer, Performer]

Sabrina Chap is a songwriter, performer, freelance writer and editor. Her work has been featured in Adbusters, Gathering of the Tribes, riffRAG, Streetwise, and the anthology, “My Baby Rides the Shortbus”. Her full-length collection, Cliterature, has been featured in the International Museum of Women’s on-line exhibition. Her first book “Live Through This- On Creativity and Self-Destruction” (Seven Stories Press) was a Lambda Literary award finalist, and has been featured in Bitch Magazine. She lectures on self-destruction and creativity in college campuses and museums across the US and abroad. Her music deserves a different bio- check her out at

Samuel Shanahoy [Filmmaker]

Samuel Shanahoy is a femme transboy from Australia.

Sara Brickman [Performer]

Sara Brickman is an author, performance artist, and the 2011 Seattle Women of the World Poetry Slam Champion. Her booklength manuscript of poems, “Houdini’s Daughter,” has been a finalist in Write Bloody Publishing’s annual manuscript competition. Sara performs nationwide and was showcased at the 2010 Individual World Poetry Slam Finals. A member of the 2011 Seattle Poetry Slam team and two time finalist at the Seattle Grand Slam, she works at the literary arts center Richard Hugo House, and has taught poetry, performance, and creative non-fiction at the Bent Writing Insititute, Richard Hugo House, and elsewhere. In 2010 she founded a multimedia performance series in her living room called the Hootenanny, which has showcased nationally known artists such as Mighty Mike Mcgee, Led To Sea, Jon Sands, Karen Finneyfrock, and more. Her work has been published in literary journals such as Bestiary Magazine and Hoarse. She would really enjoy doing the robot with you.

Sarah Brewster [Workshop Presenter]

Sarah Brewster is a social researcher and youth worker from Chicago.  Since moving to Chicago in 2007, Sarah has served as a health educator and HIV test counselor, specifically working with queer and trans youth at the Broadway Youth Center.  As a volunteer with Project NIA’s Chain Reaction Project, Sarah works with young people to document their interactions with the police. Sarah believes deeply in the importance and transformative power of documenting and creating alternate histories, realities and futures through the use of research, storytelling, and science fiction. As a volunteer adoption counselor for a Chicago based rescue group, Sarah is committed to finding forever homes for shelter dogs who would otherwise be euthanized.  A proud pitbull owner, Sarah enjoys long walks with the Chicago Sociabulls, a pitbull advocacy group working to change the image of bully breeds. Additionally, Sarah owns a single person operated cleaning company, “Butch and the Broom”, which specializes in cleaning services to queer spaces in Chicago.

Femmepress Shar Rednour [Workshop Presenter]

Shar Rednour authored The Femme’s Guide to the Universe and a newly updated 2nd Edition is now available on Kindle, Nook and Smashwords and the audio book will be out on in the fall. Her syndicated talk-radio segment Love, Life & Sex airs on various talk radio stations throughout the country but can always be found on Shar is known for her uplifting empowerment of femmes from all sashays-of-life as well as practical advice for all lovers and lifers in the Milky Way. Shar is a published and critically acclaimed author, editor, and videographer and co-founded S.I.R. Video Productions with her wife, Jackie Strano. Their catalog includes cult classics, best-selling, and award-winning titles like Bend Over Boyfriend and Hard Love & How to Fuck In High Heels, and Healing Sex: A Mind-Body Approach to Healing From Sexual Trauma. Rednour is a working class femme who has toured and performed throughout the US, authored and edited several books and with wife Jackie Strano has created a beautiful trans-racial family via foster-adoption. She is witch and a Girl Scout.

Shawna Virgo [Filmmaker]

Shawna Virago is a folk-punk musician celebrated for her striking lyric-based songs. Her album Objectified has been featured on left-of-the-dial radio. She has composed the original music for transgender choreographer Sean Dorsey’s acclaimed dance theater work Uncovered: The Diary Project.  Virago is a published writer and her work appears in Gender Outlaws: Next Generation and other anthologies.





Shayna SheNess Israel [Workshop Presenter]

Shayna SheNess Israel, a higher education graduate student with the UPenn School of Education. She currently works in college access and success at Widener University and moonlights as a poet and multimedia artist part-time. Shayna was one of the co-founding members of Elements Organization, which hosts the Annual LGBTQ Womyn of Color Conference in Philadelphia. Through her work with Elements, she has been selected as one of the U.S. delegates to the first LGBTQ youth leaders summit in Tel-Aviv December 2011. She sits on the Grantmaking Board for the Delaware Valley Legacy Fund, which works to fund efforts and individuals in the LGBTQ Greater Philadelphia community. Shayna enjoys reading, writing and traveling. She lives in Chester, Pa.

Simone Jude [Filmmaker]

Simone Jude is a filmmaker and composer based in San Francisco with a love of visual storytelling and cinematic tension. She studied film at USC and NYU Tisch School of the Arts, where she earned a BFA in film and television production. You can find her work at






Strange Powers [Performer]

Strange Powers has been happily dancing for three decades, and gratefully [re]discovered the revolutionary hoola hoop around 2005. In addition to whirling up a hoopdancing love storm whenever possible, Powersdelights in being a sex positive educator, an evolutionary astrologer, and a spiritual genderqueer peace warrior.Powers describes hoopdance as a superb movement art for mind-body-soul wellness, a splendid tool for connection & community-building, and a remarkable symbol for social change & justice. For more info on the joyful revolution, visit


Sweet LilyBee [Performer]

In 1993, Sweet LillyBee- Incendiary Burlesque talent, Healer & Priestess – flew into Minneapolis on the back of a vengeful goddess and has never looked back. Bringing a classic look with a hot, modern twist she’s a powerhouse on the stage. A true renaissance woman, she passionately lives Life as Art.
Sweet LillyBee performs in many capacities with a focus on burlesque, fetish, fire arts, alternative theatre and ritual performance. She has taken her act on the road and is slowly conquering the world one sizzling step at a time! To find out more about Sweet LillyBee visit her website at:


Dr. Sydney F. Lewis [Workshop Presenter]

Sydney Lewis is a recent PhD graduate in English, a lecturer at the University of Washington, Bothell, and, as Ginger Snapz, a burlesque performer and educator. In all of these roles she emphasizes anti-oppression work, creativity, and glitter revolution.





The Body Heat Femme Porn Tour [Performers]

Body Heat is a national touring collective of fierce Queer Femme porn/erotic authors, performers, poets, and dancers who offer a sizzling performance, as well as a variety of workshops on sex and gender and erotic writing. The 2012 line-up of Body Heat will feature founder and spoken-word performer Kathleen Delaney (Atlanta, GA.), published author and sex-workshop facilitator Jen Cross (San Francisco, CA.), The FemmeShow founder & performer Gigi Frost (Boston, MA.), Erotic writer and versatile performer Alex Cafarelli (San Francisco, CA.), and graceful and elegant Burlesque dancer The Lady Ms. Vagina Jenkins (Atlanta, GA.)

The Dandy Vagabonds [Performers]

The Dandy Vagabonds are an acro-blancing duo based out of Baltimore. The duo consists of Elliot Mittens the lovable yet bruteish flyer, and xander dumas the stylish and sturdy base. The Dandies are pleased as punch to perform amongst so many brassy, classy and glamourous performers.








The Hot Totties, with special guests Bells Bronte and Charley Horse! [Performers]

As we all know, sometimes finding love can feel like it takes forever. The  Hot Totties are usually known for their upbeat antics, but tonight they’ve got some friends helping them slow it waaaaaaaaay down. Anticipation can be excruciating, but these love bugs are worth the wait! Get your antennae up for the Hot Totties, with special guests Bells Bronte and Charley Horse!





The Lady Ms. Vagina Jenkins [Performer, Workshop Presenter]

The Lady Ms. Vagina Jenkins has been called “Atlanta’s Best Burlesque Dancer”, has been part of the production team for Mondo Homo Queer Arts and Music festival since its inception, and is currently at work learning to make gigantic showgirl style feather headdresses from her new Los Angeles home. Be sure and check for more vagiant happenings!


The Miracle Whips [Performers]

The Miracle Whips Burlesque is a queer femme performance troupe that works to promote models of progressive femininity, to create radical erotic possibilities, and to disrupt conventional notions of sexiness. We are a feminist collective that provides a healthy dollop of sass with your social commentary. We incorporate performance art, sketches, song and dance, and take on gender and social issues through sexuality and irreverent humor. In our eight years together, we’ve performed at venues such as Highways Performance Space, Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center’s Renberg Theater, UCLA, our local leather bar The Eagle, and of course, Femme Conferences 2006, 2008, and 2010. Our shows hurt like a good spanking, providing just enough sting to make you remember what you’ve learned!

Theadora Fisher [Workshop Presenter]

Theadora Fisher is an organizer with MadFemmePride, an activist for transgender equality, and just generally a femme-about-town in Boston, Massachusetts, where she lives with her high-school sweetheart and the requisite two cats. Follow her on twitter: @dora_theadora





Yalini Dream [Workshop Presenter]


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