Bios P-R

Paulie [Filmmaker]

Paulie is a faggy, draggy, fairy, femme bear who cares. He’s from Scotland, lived most of his life in Ireland, is now based on the Canadian prairies where he tries to live the queerest and most engaged life possible. He’s currently working on the theory of what he calls ‘machonormativity’, towards which this video is a starting point.

Performance In Color [Performers]

Performance in Color is intended as a space to hold and remember our POC stripper and drag ancestors. PIC is comprised of Doctor Ginger Snapz, PhD, The Lady Ms. Vagina Jenkins and The Hottentot Venus. Performers are: Ginger Snapz is a ferocious fat femme who has been performing for 7 years. In her spare time she is a professor at the University of Washington Bothell where she teaches, among other things, a class on Burlesque and Feminism. Malika, or The Hottentot Venus, is an educator, national slam poet, musician and burlesque performer from Atlanta, GA. A one time student of none other than Ms. Vagina Jenkins, she has reclaimed the name “The Hottentot Venus” in homage to the South African slave, Sarah Baartman, who was put on display as a sexual object by the French in the 1800s. And The Lady Ms. Vagina Jenkins who is proud to be in such talented company doing such necessary work.

Renee Honn [Workshop Presenter]

Renee Honn is a writer, musician, educator, and queer femme. Her website,, is a personal blog on the intersections of theory, femme, queerness, sexuality, desire, education, poverty, and vulnerability. Femmedagger is a term Renee uses to discuss her gender identity that is at once femme and a little bit dagger. Ultimately, her aim is to openly and honestly divest of her own life in a way that invites others to both think critically about and share their experiences. Renee lives with her tiny Shih Tzu, Mr. Rochester, loves critical theory, high heels, going to brunch and feels honored to be a part of the thriving and unique femme community of Portland, Oregon.

Rosie Lugosi [Performer]

Rosie Lugosi is a mistress of musical mayhem. She is an electrifying comic cabaret singer, one of the UK’s most in-demand comperes – and certainty the kinkiest. She has been tantalising audiences worldwide with her unique blend of camp humour, mayhem and song for ten years, performing twisted parodies of Andy Williams, Shirley Bassey and Gloria Gaynor (to name a few poor victims) in a vamp-goth-fetish style. She has appeared throughout the UK as well as Europe and the USA, and sings with cult goth band The March Violets. She has won the DaDa Award for Performance Artist of the Year, the Diva Award for Solo Performer, and a Poetry Award from the People’s Café, New York.

Ruby Voyager [Performer]

Ruby Voyager is a soul drifting through the annals of time, an ethereal clusterfuck, a creature befuddled by the excess of the ages and the timeless pursuit of wealth, fame, ass, and pussy. Voyager is a gal finding v’s way back home one step, one day at a time. In the meantime, v enjoys staring at the moon for long stretches of the night and taking time to pick the lavender.

Ryn Hodes [Workshop Presenter]

Ryn Hodes is a 55-year-old native New York kick-ass femme dyke teacher, writer, social worker, advocate, mother, and anti-violence activist.  Ryn was one of the original founders of FemmeCon, and was on the steering committee for Femme2006 and the programming committee for Femme2008.  She has also been published in Visible: A Femmethology.  Ryn is a differently-abled queer woman, and has a particular focus on bodies that are aging, marginalized, and transformative.


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