Bios G-I


Geppetta [Performer]Geppetta is the performance moniker of Adelaide Windsome, a Philadelphia based multimedia fabulist. artist, and organizer. Her work as been described as “cryptic vaudevillian surrealism” on bitchmedia’s SM{ART} and as “somewhere between Kate Bornstein and Edward Gorey” by Julia Serano, author of Whipping Girl. Windsome has been featured with the Tranny Roadshow, Heels on Wheels, and Fresh Meat Productions, among others. Above all else she believes in embracing melancholy with magical.
Haley K. Jude [Filmmaker]

Haley K. Jude is a femme-inist filmmaker, writer, performer, and mayhem maker.  She is currently focused on making irresistible video art and launching Moving Portraits, a video production company specializing in personal history documentaries for individuals, families, and communities. She can be reached at





Heather María Ács [Performer]

Heather María Ács is a Brooklyn-based, multi-media theatre performance artist, activist, curator, educator and high-femme troublemaker. Her work has been featured in festivals, theatres, and galleries across the U.S., Canada, and Europe. Her film credits include Building No. 7, dir. Steven Soderbergh; blink, dir. Silas Howard; Valencia (the movies): Chapter 9 based on the novel by Michelle Tea; and most recently, Sunset Stories, an official 2012 SXSW Selection. Heather is also a dedicated teaching artist. She works in NYC public schools using theatre as a tool for social change. Heather is the Co-Producer of the Heels on Wheels Glitter Roadshow, an annual all-genders, femme-inine spectrum performance tour.

Heidi Ho [Performer]

Heidi Ho is a one-of-a-kind radical, queer, femme, accordion burlesque performer who loves strapping a large, vibrating instrument to her naked body and playing with it for your enjoyment. With her dangerous curves and outrageous costumes, she’s guaranteed to push all the right buttons. When Heidi Ho’s not strutting around in little more than rhinestones and glitter, she can be found working to end violence within and against queer communities in Colorado.





Ida Hammer [Workshop Presenter]

Ida Hammer is a proud dyke-identified trans woman and a femme-loving femme. She’s a writer, organizer and social justice communicator. She does trainings on trans-misogyny and cis privilege. She also organizes the Trans Women’s Anti-Violence Project and is a co-organizer of the annual New York City Dyke March. Ida wants to recruit you to her fierce gang of gender and sexual justice radicals.

 Indi McCasey [Skillsharer]

Indi McCasey is an educator and performer with Wise Fool New Mexico, a queer and women run, social justice circus and theater non-profit based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Indi has taught acro balance workshops for the past four years to people of various ages and experiences through youth programs, circus camps, and conferences.

Irene [Workshop Presenter]

Irene was one of the organizers of Trans Partner Network (TPN) from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. TPN aims to create space for partners of trans, gender variant and/or gender queer people to connect with each other in a space, which honours their relationships. Irene loves her partner of eighteen years. They have walked together through his gender transition from female to male, and through her gender transition from femme to femme.

Irene Rojas-Carroll [Caucus Facilitator]

Despite Irene Rojas-Carroll’s fanatical obsession with Doogle Gocs, she’s superexcited to make positive change play out in the world off-line. Irene is the co-Head Chair of the Brown University Queer Alliance and an alum of the Gay-Straight Alliance Network in California. She loves the San Francisco Bay Area, the Dixie Chicks, youth power, and genderfuckery, among other things. Someone once told her that she looks good in rainbow; Irene considers this the pinnacle of compliments.


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