Bios D-F


Dacia Holliday [Performer]

Dacia Holliday is an Indigenous fem(me) shark currently swimming the waters of Salt Lake City, Utah. They spend their time raising a seven-year-old Aries, writing poems, tree-praying, miracle making, and going to school in between. To them, their newly borned fem(me) identity means, “I love as hard as I fuck, and I fuck as hard as I fight.”



Damien Luxe [Performer, Workshop Presenter]

Damien Luxe is a Brooklyn-based queer femme liberationist artist, lifelong writer, multi-media producer, community organizer and media justice activist who has been performing theatre and music at cabarets, festivals and literary events all over the continent since 2003 and producing digital communications for artists and activists since 2005. D’Luxe is a performance artist whose work blurs lines between science and spirit, and her recent pieces include Femmes Fight Back, the Hot Pink Mass, and Homorobics. She is the co-producer of the annual Heels on Wheels Glitter Roadshow, a queer and working-class-led feminine-spectrum performance art tour. She’s produced three CDs, and her videos have shown internationally. Her art site & blog are at

Dana Sayre [Lecturer]

Dana Sayre graduated from Texas A&M University in May 2012 with a M.A. degree in Performance Studies. Her thesis, “Queer Utopian Performance at Texas A&M University” was an ethnographic study of minority student populations, arguing that manifestations of utopian desire and performance circulate within and among marginalized groups on the Texas A&M University campus, undermining the heteronormative and monolithic utopia the university attempts to present. Her research interests include Feminist/Queer Performance Theory and Practice, Participatory Fan Culture, Autobiographical Performance, and Utopia.


DC Gurly Show [Performers]

The DC Gurly Show is the Nations Capital’s premiere burlesque troupe fostering an encouraging and supportive community of performers and fans. The DC Gurly Show is a troupe that is dedicated to the Art of the Tease, Community, Glitz and Glam. We have been titillating audiences every month since February 16, 2005, and currently call Phase 1 Capitol Hill our home.



Dulce Garcia [Filmmaker]

Dulce is a fierce Queer Chicana Femme born in Mexico City and raised in East Los Angeles, California where she evolved from a high-risk youth to an outspoken community activist by blending book smarts with street smarts.  Dulce’s passion and commitment to serve underrepresented and underserved communities is evident through her years of work in cross-cultural and multi-gendered organizations, especially those serving LGBT youth of color.  When not talking about sexual health education or making films you can find her at the nearest San Francisco dance floor – she’ll be the lady with the hot red lipstick and matching heels dancing Salsa!

Ebonie [Workshop Presenter]

Ebonie is a fun loving, strong-willed, corporate femme navigating life via “how-to” guides and baked goods. She has been an active member of madFemmePride since 2009. Her contribution to the “movement” isn’t a long list of protests and activism; but it is shown through her active participation and networking with other LGBT professionals in corporate America. One of her goals is to bridge the gaps and continue to help provide inclusive and safe spaces for everyone through madFemmePride.

El Dia [Performer]

Angela “El Dia” Martinez Dy is a poet + writer, educator, activist and hip-hop femmecee. An original member of isangmahal arts kollective, seminal voice for the millennial Asian American spoken word and performance movement, she later co-founded Youth Speaks Seattle, serving as organizational director from 2005-2009. Born and raised in Seattle with her heart in Manila, she is pursuing a PhD in the UK, studying individuals in the the Information Age from a transnational feminist perspective. She is the co-creator of Sisters of Resistance, an anti-imperialist pro-vegan radical feminist grime and hip-hop blog (

elizaBeth Simpson [Workshop Presenter]

elizaBeth Simpson (b. 1976) joyfully strives to undo oppression and social injustice in all forms by unraveling its manifestations in everyday life. To this end, ze has been working with the group dynamics and strategic plans of communities, organizations, and individuals for over 16 years, offering tools from across the creative/organizing spectrum. He is a cultural worker who specializes in liberatory, collaborative projects, often incorporating vocal composition, puppetry, fire spinning, street theater, and storytelling. Ze is tickled by geeking out on intimacy/consent/kink/gender/sexuality and engendering this spark in others. Recent accomplishments include a position as Activist-In-Residence at Goddard College in 2006, receipt of the American Society for Cybernetics’ Heinz von Foerster Prize in 2007, and receipt of the Here and Now grant from the Urbana Public Arts program in 2009 and 2012 for the U-C People’s History Poster Project (

Ellie Krnich [Filmmaker, Workshop Presenter, Caucus Leader]

Ellie Krnich is a 33 year old transitioned Femme (with a capital F) from San Luis Obispo, currently making her home in the San Francisco Bay Area.  She is a filmmaker, character animator, and film and television production instructor.  :)   Her first animated short film, “Truth Takes Time,” premiered at Frameline35 and screened at a variety of LGBTQ film festivals around the world. She likes blueberry muffins and spends a lot of time petting her awesome cat, Pickle.


Erica Dobney

Erica Dobney is a queer white femme, performer, educator, and social justice consultant living in Oakland, CA. She has developed social justice curricula that incorporates many modes of learning and artistic expression as a way for young people to understand and embody what it means to cultivate resiliency and work against oppressive systems. Erica has used burlesque and dance performance to explore such concepts as body positivity, gender self-determination, and working against homonormativity. She is the Creative Director of Thrive Social Justice Consulting, and works with several collectives and organizations that challenge people with race and class privilege to think critically about their roles in social movements, and develop their understandings of intersectionality, solidarity, and transformative practices.

Eva [Artist]

as a 27 year old queer, trans woman, i have recently come into my understanding of my gender and begun my transition. i have had difficulty making art in the past, but as i continue to express my true gender, i have begun to make art again. i am currently in school, training to be an RN. i hope to act as an ally and advocate to other trans and queer people in need of healthcare.

Fran Varian [Performer]

Fran Varian is a writer, performer and activist who has been discussing class and gender politics and love stories for over a decade. Her poems and essays have been published on-line and in numerous anthologies and she has performed and featured extensively throughout the country. Most recently she was published in the Lambda winning anthology: Gender Outlaws: The Next Generation, edited by S. Bear Bergman and Kate Bornstein, and was a featured poet at the 2011 Atlanta Queer Literary Festival. She has previously (and happily) performed for the 2006 and 2010 Femme Conferences. She is also associate editor for the on-line webzine Synchronized Chaos. Fran lives with late stage lyme disease and is active in raising awareness and providing information about the disease to fellow lyme patients, their friends, family and the general public. She is currently writing a memoir called: Radioactive Sugar: A Young, Female Body.


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