Bios A-C


Adrienne Williams [Workshop Presenter] 
Adrienne Williams began her career as an entrepreneur after graduating from Clark Atlanta University. Her former company PRfection Strategic Management client list included Spelman College, Rolling Out, and Urban Jamz. In 2006, Williams relocated to Absecon, NJ to begin a career with Tiffany & Co. She met Reverend Al Thomas after calling his gospel radio show on 88.5FM. During that call, Rev. Thomas learned of Adrienne’s PR background. As a result, she signed on as a volunteer and community organizer of the 2007 Gospelation Concert sponsored by 88.7FM, 104.3FM, and 1600AM. Over 9,000 people attended the affair.  In 2007, Williams was promoted to Assistant Sales Manager at Tiffany & Co. and moved to Philadelphia, PA. In 2008, she began advocating for change in the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer (LGBTQ) community. She is Co-Founder and the Programming Chair of Elements Organization. In 2009, Elements hosted the first ever conference serving LGBTQ women of color in Philadelphia. In October 2010, Elements was invited to speak alongside Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter at the historical raising of the gay flag over any Philadelphia Municipal building. In 2011, Poet Laureate of Philadelphia and international lecturer Sonia Sanchez delivered the keynote address at the conference. Currently, Elements is organizing the 2012 conference. Williams is a 2011 Fellow for the Center for Progressive Leadership and she is presently a graduate student at Widener University earning a Dual Master’s Degree in Human Sexuality Education and Social Work.

Alex Cafarelli [Workshop Presenter]

Alex Cafarelli is a genderqueer femme Jewish Witch survivor living with chronic illness based in Toronto. A lifetime writer and performer, she co-founded the Minneapolis-based performance group the Psycick Slutz and is a member of Body Heat: Femme Porn Tour, a touring collective of queer Femme artists. She also performs with Sins Invalid, a San Francisco-based performance project on disability and sexuality that centralizes artists of color and queer and gender-variant artists. Since 1992 Alex has been training in martial arts rooted in mindfulness practice, her current focus being Bagua Zhang. She teaches magick with a feminist foundation in social and environmental justice and makes her living as a professional gardener. FFI, contact

Alexa Athelstan [Workshop Presenter]

I am a University of Leeds Research Scholarship funded PhD student at the Centre for Interdisciplinary Gender Studies, University of Leeds, UK. I am currently in the second year of my PhD and have recently completed the fieldwork stage of my research. This involved interviews with 15 subjects who identified their femininity as being queer, alternative or subversive. They also produced some fab collages and photographs of themselves to represent their identities and ideas about queer femininity for the project. I first came to femme and queer femininities in 2009 when a friend from my gender studies MA in Budapest handed me Femmes of Power by Ulrika Dahl and Del LaGrace Volcano instructing me that I absolutely must read this and I haven’t looked back since!

Ali Blake [Caucus Facilitator]

Ali Blake can often be found dancing to the constant stream of music in her head. She’s excited to spread that same energy to a community of fierce youth! In her life as a student, Ali is the Co-Chair of the Queer Student Alliance at Rhode Island School of Design and can often be found knitting up some fabulous outfits. Ali is just stepping into the world of internet organizing and is excited to continue meeting amazing people on and off the magical world of the internet with whom to organize, talk radical politics and have sparkle and glitter dance parties.




Allison Stelly/Cherry Poppins [Filmmaker, Perfomer]

Allison (Cherry) is a white working class, sweet-as-pie-but-tough-as-nails art-maker, activist, organizer, occasional writer, and eternal performer, originally from the trailer parks of rural Louisiana, currently living in San Francisco (and loving it). When she’s not working with the ferocious femmes of the Femme Conference, she’s helping to organize the grassroots fundraising team for the Catalyst Project, figuring out how to incorporate social justice themes while taking her clothes off onstage, hot gluing sequins on everything, working that nonprofit day job, painting epic portraits of her friends, playing her ukulele, and working to dismantle that white supremacist heteronormative patriarchal capitalist bullshit.


Amanda Harris [Workshop Presenter]

Amanda Harris is an activist-artist-queer-southern-poly-feminist-frequently in one helluva pair of cowboy boots-femme. she hails from arkansas and loves all things southern, fried, and fringed. amanda’s femme organizing history includes a role as madame of country glam with femme family nyc, serving on the performance committee for 2010 femmecon, co-facilitating a workshop on polyfemmory at the last conference, and performing in the femme-centric troupes the baconettes and GLITTERACTION! amanda is passionate about the intersection of arts and activism, burlesque, rural queer organizing, photography, harm reduction, femme herstory and mentorship, and her ever-expanding heel collection.

Amanda Lee Stilwell [Artist]

Amanda Lee Stilwell is a queer fat femme from the gulf coast, presently living in Chicago. She runs the plus size fashion blog, InTheThickOfIt. Currently she is obsessed with tarot, gothy sports uniforms, and casting spells to ward off teenage witches.





amelia [Skillsharer]

amelia is owned and collared by Tatsujin-Paris and a proud alumna of the MTTA Female Slave Training Academy (March 2010). She is a femme bootblack and the Treasurer of the Bootblack Brigade, as well as legal counsel for the Brigade, the Carter/Johnson Leather Library, and other members of the LGBTQ community. amelia has volunteered her services as a femme bootblack at Charm City Fetish Fair (2010); DC Pride Day Festival (2010, 2011); Southeast Leather Fest (2010); Master/slave Conference (2010, 2011); Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend (2011), C.L.A.P. 2011, and Mr/Ms New Jersey Leather (2010). She facilitated a roundtable on Wills and Advanced Medical Directives at the Master/slave Conference (2010 and 2011), presented at the first Femme Bootblack Pride Weekend (2010) on the topic of Bootblacks and the M/s Dynamic, presented Bootblacking 101 at Winter Solstice (2010), and Bootblacking 201 at Brimstone II (2011).

Amy Jo Goddard [Artist, Workshop Presenter]

Amy Jo Goddard thrives on creating environments that foster growth and assisting people in having the delicious sex and relationships they desire. She believes that healthy, non-violent, fulfilling relationships are a key to changing the world. Amy Jo maintains a private practice as a sexual empowerment coach and a David Neagle Certified Miracle of Money Mentor, and helps people create financial abundance, sexual pleasure and the relationships and lives they desire. She is founder of SPECTRA (, a mentorship program to help sexuality professionals make more money doing the sexuality work they are passionate about. Amy Jo has taught breast and pelvic exams to medical/nursing students for 10 years and she is director/producer of the forthcoming documentary, At Your Cervix, a film that depicts this work ( Amy Jo was host of’s web stream program “Fresh Advice,” developing, researching, writing and performing over 60 episodes on women’s sexuality. She is co-author of Lesbian Sex Secrets for Men and is a contributing author of All About Sex: A Family Resource Guide on Sex and Sexuality. Her article about queer performance artists, activism and cultural work was published in the Social Justice Journal and she has been published in numerous other publications including LOFT and Bust Magazine. She travels to colleges, universities and conferences teaching workshops and speaking about sexuality. She teaches her Women’s Sexually Empowered Life Program in New York City and can be found blogging about all things sexual that make her tingle at

Angel Adeyoha [Workshop Presenter]

I’m a queer mixed race, indigenous trans* femme with a physical disability. I am an advocate of self-determination, self-definition and community support. I love working to create and change language and perception around social justice. I’ve trained in peer counseling, anti-oppression facilitation and am dedicated to my practice of educating, advocating and coaching folks to sexual, intimate and whole-life fulfillment.




Aries Hines [Performer]

Aries Hines is a mermaid living in the ocean with starfish and glitter. When not in the water she is a writer and filmmaker whose first language is poetry. By day she can be found teaching as a California Poets in the Schools instructor. By night she can be found somewhere near the moon and stars smiling. In between water and land her writings and performances have been  published widely for the San Francisco Queer Arts Festival, Queer Girl Theatre Project, The Journal of Lesbian Studies, The Q Review, Colorlines Magazine, The Truth About the Fact and many more. She loves exploring gender, sexuality, identity politics, race, and love.

Arti Mehta [Workshop Presenter]

arti mehta is a big-haired queer crip brown cis femme sequin-loving crafty working class community-making neon-pink-lipstick-obsessed stripper introvert, who is so goddamn tired of ableist fuckery. she talks about disability justice and transformative justice, a lot. she loves how she queers her friendships so they’re the centre of her life and admires femmes so much it makes her weep. often.
Autumn Nicole Bradley [Workshop Presenter]

Autumn Nicole Bradley is a mercurial mixture of equal parts speculative fiction author, aspiring neurobiologist, and queer hard femme transfeminist. Her writing has appeared on and she’s given talks ranging from Trans 101 to viewing queer history through the lens of gender non-conformity. She dreams in digital, and lives in neon.



Avory Faucette [Lecturer, Workshop Presenter]

Avory Faucette is a genderqueer radical feminist activist and writer. Zie writes at the blog Radically Queer, runs the website Queer Feminism, and facilitates #transchat and #queerchat. Hir work focuses on intersections of gender, sexuality, and other identities. Zie is particularly interested in non-binary gender and sexuality. Zie is also an award-winning international human rights legal activist with a law degree from the University of Iowa.


Bettina Doll [Caucus Facilitator]

Bettina Doll is a San Francisco based femme and sex worker. Working primarily as an exotic dancer, Bettina is a former dancer and owner at the Lusty Lady, the only unionized and worker owned adult entertainment venue in the world. Currently, she dances at another San Francisco based strip club and plans to take over the world, one champagne room at a time. As an active member of the San Francisco Bay Area chapter of the Sex Workers Outreach Project (SWOP), Bettina strives and advocates for the rights of sex workers and community building on both a local and national level. She believes in the legalization and radical reshaping of sex work industries and representations, sex work as venues for expression, and a conscious self exploitation of her femininity as a way to make stacks and generally be fabulous.

Bevin Branlandingham [Performer]

Bevin Branlandingham is “an ultra-rad warrior for self-acceptance.” [] She is the Host and Producer of FemmeCast: The Queer Fat Femme Podcast Guide to Life and author of the popular blog She is an emcee, writer, drag, burlesque and comedy performer and “Plus Size Party Girl” according to Time Out New York. She hosts and produces the monthly performance and dance party Rebel Cupcake and quarterly performance art salon Cupcake Cabaret. She was a Shop Girl at the iconic fashion destination Re/Dress NYC for the entire three years it was open. She has most recently served as Co-Head Madam of Femme Family, the New York Chapter of the Femme Mafia, on the steering committee for the Fat and Queer conference and served on the media committee for the 2010 Femme Conference. In 2008 Bevinreceived a Commendation from the Mayor of Jersey City for her work with the LGBT community. She was a 2011 top entrepreneur in GO Magazine. Her writing has been published in numerous periodicals, including most recently Persistence: All Ways Butch and Femme and she has performed throughout North America. Her mission is to make the world a safe place for people to love themselves, regardless of their differences. Her website (including blog, calendar of events and workshops) is found at QueerFatFemme.Com

Bird la Bird [Lecturer]

Bird la Bird is a Show-woman and Mama of Bird Club, a Queer Femme cabaret night for 21st Century Marthas and Arthurs. Bird favours collaboration to create multimedia spectacles straddling stand-up comedy and performance art. She is currently working as a solo performer and re-shaping Bird Club to increase it’s accessibility, audience and chutzpah. Bird has been working with the Duckie collective for several years and recently appeared in their anti-capitalist neo-panto “Copyright Christmas” in London’s Barbican Theatre. Bird Club was hatched by Bird and Maria Rosa Young in 2006 as a comedy duo. Bird went on to organise Bird Pride, the UK’s first ever Femme presence at the annual Pride march. The original Bird Club duo grace the cover of Femmes of Power by Ulrike Dahl and Del la Grace Volcano. She also stars in Fem by Campbell X.

Blyth Barnow [Workshop Presenter]

Blyth Barnow is a sweet hearted, take no grief kind of femme. She is currently living in San Francisco but still calls Ohio home. Her deep working class roots have raised her right and taught her a thing or two about sass and solidarity. She believes politics are personal and spends her days striving to support survivors of violence. Turn ons include: alliteration, kale, Roseanne, deep belly laughs and integrity.
Bryn Kelly [Workshop Presenter, Featured Speaker]

Bryn Kelly writes plays, interviews people about things, makes zines, makes country music, and dances in cabarets. She is a cofounder of Theater Transgression, a multimedia performance collective which produced a full-scale production of Antigone with an all-transgender cast, and is a co-creatrix of The Fully Functional Cabaret, an all-trans woman theatrical extravaganza which debuted at the 2012 National Queer Arts Festival. She has also performed in pieces for Dixon Place NYC’S HOTTFest and at the Nuyorican Poet’s Cafe. Once, she made $144 as an extra on Law & Order: SVU. Of Appalachian extraction, Kelly hosts the Gay Old Opry, a traveling showcase of queer country music, and is a regular performer at Branded Saloon’s Queer Country Monthly in Brooklyn, New York. She sings and plays the autoharp with country outfits The Invert Family Singers and Juan & the Pines. Her essays, interviews and reviews have appeared in Morty Diamond’s Trans Love/Trans Sex: Love and Relationships Beyond the Gender Binary; on Showtime’s; and in Original Plumbing magazine. She is a regular contributor at, and the author of the zine, She Gives Him Lovin’ That His Body Can’t Handle/All That He Can Say is Baby is Good To Me: On AIDS ‘n Stuff, which she will probably give you for free if you ask nice.

Caitlin Rose Sweet [Artist]

Caitlin Sweet is a conception craftswomen who believes in radical transformative power of queer utopian day dreaming. She works in ceramics, soft sculpture, land art, textiles, digital photography and interactive installation. Sweet’s work focuses on the Lesbian identity as a site for politic dissent, the feminine as monstrosity, lesbian sexual camp, and grieving the loss of her mother to cancer and the continuation of her feminist legacy. Along side for best friend Danielle Jackson, Caitlin hosts Lez Craft a craft skill share and community gathering in San Francisco. Sweet has curated shows for the GLBT Historical Society and the Nation Queer Arts Festival. Besides being an artist and community builder, Sweet is a body worker, pervert, animal lover, part time witch and a full time Lesbian.

Cami Lucida [Performer]

Cami Lucida donned hir first pair of pasties, and shimmied on stage in April of 2010. Mentored by Andy Roginous and Coco Monroe, ze joined the DC Gurly show in May 2010. Entranced and infatuated, ze dove into the art of tease headfirst! A risk taker and quizzical nature has led Cami to experiment with many different forms of burlesque including contemporary, social commentary, narrative, boilesque, and even classical forms. Unsure of what hir creative niche is within burlesque, Cami offers a constantly changing style of performance that offers a refreshing surprise to the Washington D.C. and Baltimore burlesque scene.

Celeste Chan [Filmmaker]

Celeste Chan creates work born from queer Diaspora through wit, words, and film. She has presented her art at: Vancouver Queer Film Festival in B.C. and the National Queer Arts Festival in SF, among other venues. She is co-founder of Queer Rebel Productions ( with partner KB Boyce, and a Board Member of Community United Against Violence (  Queer Rebel Productions has received support from SF Arts Commission, Horizons, Zellerbach, Rainbow Grocery, Queer Cultural Center, and the Redistribution Fund. Find out and


Chanelle Gallant [Presenter]

Chanelle Gallant is white working-class community organizer in the sex workers rights movement, a prison abolitionist and a writer, based in the occupied lands of Toronto, Canada.


Claire Cramer [Workshop Presenter]

Claire Cramer is some lady currently living in Brooklyn. She spends most of her time keeping a watchful eye on Transmisogyny is a Women’s Issue and advocating alongside trans women in the queer community. She is a proud cis femme who loves femmes, vegan, and a doula-in-training with a library degree who is looking for a job. She has a better bio at @ClaireECramer.

Colleen Siviter [Workshop Presenter]

Colleen Siviter is a queer femme writer, editor, stylist and all around creative instigator currently living and working in New York. She grew up in a low-income family in Portland, OR, where she spent the better part of the 90s listening to riot grrrl, re-working vintage clothes, and writing angsty poems. She is a strong advocate for sustainable, ethical fashion and her work often explores fashion as a medium to explore issues of identity, globalism and social justice. She currently freelances for Condé Nast and works as the managing editor of Tom Tom Magazine – a magazine dedicated to female drummers. She has a background in radical organizing and art. Queer style, sub-cultural dress, travel, sustainability, art, textiles, crystals, spirit guides, hot dance moves, fashion editorials, stories and ocean waves are just some things that inspire her on the daily.

Colleen Young [Filmmaker, Performer]

Colleen Jeannette Young is a femme dyke who is passionate about feminism, fashion, and reclaiming femininity as dykey. A Montreal-based writer, performer, and seamstress, she documents femininity, domesticity, and fibre art as sites of lesbian desire. She has performed at various reading series, including Synapse and The Pilot, and has been published in Subversions and The Link. She has a BA in Women’s Studies and is starting her masters at Concordia University this autumn. She will be writing her thesis on femme history, identity, and community in Montreal. She is also involved in femme community organizing in the city, including this year’s Femme Day of Action.

Connie Laalo [Lecturer]

Connie Laalo is a fierce femme and fashion warrior who works to challenge concepts of what clothing and fashion can do for individuals and the world we live in. She is passionate about personal empowerment through dress as well as fashion’s role as a tool for creative self-expression. Her past work has involved screenprinting and DIY textile design, adventures in lingerie production and costume design. She holds a Bachelor of Design from Kwantlen Polytechnic University (Vancouver, BC) and has experience in many levels of the apparel industry. Connie will complete her Master of Art in Fashion at Ryerson University (Toronto, ON) in June 2012. Her research has focused on dress and identity in the queer community from historical and contemporary perspectives. Her other work in the LGBTQ community includes: GenderFab, a series of workshops on sewing and alteration skills for Queer and Trans* youth and work as Events Coordinator at RyePRIDE, Ryerson Student Union’s queer equity group. Connie is also the founder of, an ongoing online exploration of queer femme-ininity and fashion.

Courtney Trouble [Filmmaker]

Courtney Trouble is a genderqueer fat femme porn star and performer from Oakland CA via Olympia, WA. Courtney preferes the pronoun They amongst friends and tauch themselves femme as the only child of a single father in the grunge area. They grew up steeped in Madonna and Riot Grrrl, which is VERY fucking obvious when you see their art.


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