Vendor Tabling Specifications

Thank you for your interest in becoming a vendor at the 2012 Femme Conference: Pulling the Pieces Together! The venue has provided us with a 912 square foot room (38’x24’) for our vendors, as well as our conference art show. Having vendors and art share the space ensures ample traffic from conference attendees, providing you with access to our 500+ anticipated guests. Our vendor space will be open from 9am-5pm every day of the conference and will be locked each evening. Vendors may leave their goods in the locked space overnight if desired.

Below you will find more specific information regarding vending, including table space, cost, and discounted conference registration fees for vendors interested in attending parts of the conference. If you have additional questions regarding vending at the Femme Conference, please contact our Vendor Coordinator, Dana, at

When you are ready to register as a vendor, please visit our Eventbrite page by clicking here and reviewing the options marked ‘VENDOR.’

Tabling Fees

Table Size

1 Day

2 Days

3 Days

Additional chair

Full Table – 6ft.,
2 chairs




add $20

Half Table – 3ft.,
1 chair




add $20

Registration Fees:

In the past, we have had vendors express interest in attending parts of the conference. While you are required to have someone at your table so long as your wares are out and accessible, we welcome you to join us for workshops or presentations that might be of interest. If you or an assistant would like to have access to the conference, we offer discounted registration for vendors. Instead of requiring vendors to pay the $80 regular registration fee, we provide vendors with a $40 registration that covers all of the conference keynotes, workshops, and plenary sessions for one person. We also offer the option of donating $40 worth of your wares to the Femme Conference’s on-site raffle as opposed to paying the $40 registration fee. Your $40 raffle contribution will also cover the cost of one registrant. Vendors who wish to become registered for the conference via raffle donation must have their contribution pre-approved by the Vendor Coordinator prior to the conference. Please contact Dana at with additional questions.


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