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GEPPETTA  is the performance moniker of Adelaide Windsome, a Philadelphia based multimedia fabulist. artist, and organizer. Windsome utilizes dark & whimsical fairy tales to confront themes of trauma and grief, depression and suicide, and the beauty of survival. Her work as been described as “cryptic vaudevillian surrealism” on bitchmedia’s SM{ART} and as “somewhere between Kate Bornstein and Edward Gorey” by Julia Serano, author of Whipping Girl.

Windsome has been featured nationally with Fresh Meat Productions, Tranny Roadshow, Puppet Uprising, and Painted Bride Art Center, among others. She has facilitated workshops on gender, art, and activism at various colleges and universities including Western Washington, James Madison, and Harvard Law.
Above all else she believes in embracing melancholy with magical. See more of her work at Stitching Tentacles Productions.


MIASIA is an accomplished performer and teacher of cabaret, folkloric and fusion Egyptian & Turkish Dance. She has captivated audiences all over the US and around the world, including Turkey and Egypt, challenging the marginalization of femmeninity in a fat black queer femme package. Her goal as a teacher and performer is to continue opening the doorway of dance to include all bodies, sizes, colors and abilities. To find out more about Miasia, visit: www.miasia.org


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BRYN KELLY writes plays, interviews people about things, makes zines, makes country music, and dances in cabarets. She is a cofounder of Theater Transgression, a multimedia performance collective which produced a full-scale production of Antigone with an all-transgender cast, and is a co-creatrix of The Fully Functional Cabaret, an all-trans woman theatrical extravaganza which debuted at the 2012 National Queer Arts Festival. She has also performed in pieces for Dixon Place NYC’S HOTTFest and at the Nuyorican Poet’s Cafe. Once, she made $144 as an extra on Law & Order: SVU.

Of Appalachian extraction, Kelly hosts the Gay Old Opry, a traveling showcase of queer country music, and is a regular performer at Branded Saloon’s Queer Country Monthly in Brooklyn, New York. She sings and plays the autoharp with country outfits The Invert Family Singers and Juan & the Pines.Her essays, interviews and reviews have appeared in Morty Diamond’s Trans Love/Trans Sex: Love and Relationships Beyond the Gender Binary; on Showtime’s Ourchart.com; and in Original Plumbing magazine. She is a regular contributor at Prettyqueer.com, and the author of the zine, She Gives Him Lovin’ That His Body Can’t Handle/All That He Can Say is Baby is Good To Me: On AIDS ‘n Stuff, which she will probably give you for free if you ask nice.



Imogen Binnie had to cancel due to her tour dates overlapping with the conference, which is just totally cool even though we’re so sad not to get to hear her speak.


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