Kidz City Baltimore!Childcare is Available! Bring your kids!

Femme Con is teaming up with Kidz City Baltimore Childcare Collective   to provide childcare and exciting children’s programming with a “Sea” theme! (inspired by the Femme Sharks Manifesto.)

Some of the Kidz City crew

8:30 am to 5:15 pm – Friday through Sunday.

Activities will include:

- Sea Puppet Theatre

- Seahorse Facts

- Shark Fin Making / How to be a Baby Femme Shark

- Dress Up Clothes

- Rock, Paper, Scissors Baseball

- Holding Babies

- Clam Nap Zone

- Healthy Snacks and Lunch (Parents meet up to go to lunch together on Sat.)

- Problem Solving Station

- And maybe a parade!

We believe that community support for parents/guardians/caretakers and children is crucial. Working together to support everyone’s rights and build intergenerational collective liberation is a radical act, not simply a “nice” thing. Kidz City nurtures community caretaking while “showing its teeth” to systems of oppression. Kidz justice is justice for all!

Kidz City Baltimore is an anarcha-feminist collective dedicated to increasing access and support for parents, children, and caregivers in social justice organizing and events. We partner with others to organize creative space, care, and programming for children. We see childcare as a form of activism and part of creating a just world.

For more info: /

For more information, please contact: radkidcare [at]


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