Hi Femmes! Allison (Cherry Poppins) here. Recently, I posted on my own blog about femme visibility. I had kind of worried that we we would all be tired of discussing visibility. Not so much. That post got more hits than any of my posts to date.

A few days later, I found an article in my Facebook feed, “No Queer Girls are Queerer Than Others,” by Jeannette Young, writing for The Link in Canada. Surprise! All about femme visibility.

Choice quote: “Creating a space where femme/inine-identified queer people of all genders can come together to share insights, resources, and experiences is important in building solidarity among femmes. With a strong femme community we can mark our presence as an integral part of the Montreal queer community.”

Yes. Yes! This is exactly why working on the Femme Conference is so important to me. Building femme community is a crucial part of visibility, so that we can find each other, learn from each other, take care of each other, and survive together. <3

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